Mobile app: navigate to the start/end of the note

I am wondering how people are working with the long(ish) notes on Joplin Mobile (I have Android version, maybe with iPhone is different somehow).

The problem is that when you start editing a note the default position is somewhere in the middle. Navigating to the start/end of the note involves slow and painful scrolling. It's also easy to click accidentally and then the keyboard opens. Then you have to close the keyboard and scroll again. This really puts off from doing anything with the notes on the mobile phone...

If there is a way to navigate to the start/end of the note, it should be more obvious IMO. And if there is nothing like that, please regard it as a feature request :wink:

Which editor are you using? The normal or beta one?

Normal. Was not aware of the beta. Now that you mentioned it I found it in the settings :smile:

The formatting looks a bit weird (well, it's beta ;), but it solves my problem - editing starts from the top of the note :+1:

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