RSS and Readitlater interaction

I am an Evernote user, also an Rss and Instapaper user. In my system, I could just star an Rss or instapaper article so they would be sent to my Evernote inbox notebook. It's easy to use and that is why I have been stayed with Evernote for years.

Recently, I found Evernote's price increased dramticlly, and I also found Joplin is quite a good option. But the question is Rss service provider like Innoreader and Instapaper do not support Joplin API.

Do anyone know how to keep my old 'star to inbox' process with Joplin?

Hi there,

You can use Inoreader's "Send to email" and Joplin Cloud Pro*'s feature Email to Note

*Joplin Cloud Pro is a paid service, see pricing

Hope that helps

There is also a plugin for Chrome and Firefox that lets you save website directly to joplin.

And just to add another option (at least for RSS feeds): You could integrate the RSS feeds to Thunderbird and export them from there to Joplin using the add-on below. That's my current workflow.