Share notes / notebooks via email etc

There quite a lot of tools which generate notes from various other application (web, email, other similar tools), but I am missing tools which a allow quick sharing of notes.
This sharing could be via email, whatsapp-messages, into a todo-application etc.

Personally I miss ‘note to email’ - is there anybody working on it?

Sorry, if I missed an available tool, or similar feature requests

You are looking for a tool on desktop or mobile? If desktop, are the export options not sufficient? Or copy and paste if you just want a simpler note.

All these I would consider as ‘workaround’ …
A button/command to forward a message (preferable with attachments) via email would be great

so a feature where it would export the note as a pdf or something, and then attach that to an empty email?

btw you might be interested in the beta feature, which is sharing notes through nextcloud. I believe it will work similar to Evernote, where you can send a link to a note. you can find more information by searching in the forum’s.

Exporting as Text, HTML or PDF and send/attach to a email.

Thanks, will have a look at sharing via nextcloud!

I suggested something similar here:

The idea is to share notes including their unique id and metadata in such a way that they can be imported into another Joplin instance resulting in an exact copy of the original one. In case the receiving Joplin instance already contains a note with an identical id, this would allow to use the same machinery to resolve conflicts like it is done with synchronization targets.