Mail to joplin

Good evening, it is probably a trivial question but there is already an add-on for thunderbird to send mail directly to Joplin or is it not yet realized?

No, this does not exist yet.

But someone could use the web clipper code to get going. Instead of a web page, it just clips the body of the message, uses the subject as note title, ....

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Tanks a lot

In the Apps category there are a few examples on how to do this:

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suggesting another way: Linking mails to a note.

That's be done, using Thunderbird's .eml-files.
The right one can be found in the SQLite database of thunderbird, located in the user profile (roaming/.../global-messages-db.sqlite).
First you've to create a view e.g. in an SQLite browser:

CREATE VIEW message_files AS
SELECT messages.ID,datetime( /1000000, 'unixepoch') as received_date,
'mailbox:.sbd/.sbd/nobody@Local%20Folders.sbd','file:///E:/Dokumente/Thunderbird/Local Folders-maildir'),
'imap:.sbd/.sbd/','file:///E:/Dokumente/Thunderbird/ImapMail/')|| headerMessageID || '.eml' as file
FROM (messages inner JOIN folderLocations ON messages.folderID =

Just modify where needed.
After that, look for the datetime of the certain mail in thunderbird and than in the SQLite-db, searching in the just created view and copy&paste the data from field with name 'file' as working link into your note.


If you want to link a mail in a note, you can use cb_thunderlink