Revisit: Request for Ability to Disable Line Wrapping in the Joplin Markdown Editor

Continuing the discussion from Ability to turn off line wrap in the Markdown Editor:

Can we please revisit this topic? Having the ability to disable line wrapping altogether for the Joplin markdown editor seems like a very fundamental request. Most code editors that I've worked with (e.g., VS Code, Sublime Text, and RStudio) have line wrapping disabled by default.

Like @mfilter, frequently, my markdown tables become unmanageable within the Joplin markdown editor. In those cases, I find myself switching back and forth extensively between Joplin and either Sublime Text or VS Code. This process becomes so tedious that I usually just finish writing the note in the external editor.

From a user's perspective, I place a high value on this capability, and from a developer's perspective, my assumption is that implementing it would be very simple. If there are no plans to implement it in the main branch, I'd be happy to either fork it, implement it and issue a PR or to try to implement it through an add-on package if someone will give me a little guidance to get started.


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Hi @MarkdownFan fortunately a fork won't be necessary. There already exists a plugin to add this option

CodeMirror Options by FelisDiligens includes an option to disable line-wrapping (among other options).


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