How to use editor only?

v2.5.12 production / Windows 10

Is there a way to only view the markdown editor? I'm migrating from using Notepad++ and tons of text files. I got used to doing everything in ancient ASCII. I like the rich text for some things but for all my old stuff, I really need just a basic text editor type of interface.

You are aware of the markdown editor, yes? Well that's just a text editor with the exception of some minor things like continuing with bulleted lists once you start them.

The rest is just done through css. You would need to reset the classes you don't like using the userchrome.css file in your profile directory.

Also check out the appearance settings and Markdown setting to deactivate everything you don't want to use.

If there are specific things you don't like to have, it's best to mention those directly so it's easier to help.

However, at the end of the day, you need to recognize that Joplin is a Markdown application. There have been people in the past who complained that Joplin wasn't a pure text editor and it's not welcome feedback. Of course there may very well be ways to get Joplin to do what you want and generally people will be very helpful.

I didn't even know what markdown even was at first.

How do you turn off the Viewer and only show the markdown editor?

You can change the view toggle behaviour:

Once you do that and toggle to the markdown viewer, you will probably never see the viewer mode again.

You may also find the CodeMirror Line Numbers and the Note Tabs plugin helpful to give you more of a notepad++ feeling.

If you are having a hard time figuring out the css, feel free to post a thread asking questions.

Thanks. I had to also click on the button on the top right labeled "Toggle Editor Layout" and it's doing what I want now.

Wonderful. If you are new to Joplin, be sure to use the Simple Backup plugin. Syncs shouldn't be relied on as backups.

Thanks. This is pretty neat.

could you explain what you mean by this? I thought if my pc is suddenly broke I could sync from another one and be okay.

You can but the data is constantly being written to by the clients. So for example if something weird happened to a Joplin instance or you accidentally deleted a ton of stuff you didn't mean to then that change is propagated to the sync target and will be deleted on any other client that syncs to it.

A backup is independent of that and will contain the data from the point before the failure.


I'm sorry for taking the thread off topic, but I feel like so many people are misinformed about this aspect of Joplin.


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