Is it possible to get the markdown editor to behave like a plain text editor?

As the title says.

Is it possible to get the markdown editor to behave like a pure text editor without formatting?
I am not interested in using markdown, only pure text, but find Joplin to meet my needs pretty good anyway.
However when I use the editor, it behaves oddly to me. It stylizes text sometimes, sometimes with color, sometimes with italic, sometimes with enlarged bold font.
Also there seems to be some kind of invisible limit to line length, and the whole editor text is centered, not left aligned.
Lets see if this example image upload works: (my first post, sorry)

I am using the Dracula theme, if that is important.
If it were up to me, I would prefer the editor behaved like say, notepad, without automatic formatting and highlighting.
Is there something essential I am missing?
Is there something I can do to make the editor window behave like nothing but a simple text exitor?

I am not an expert in Joplin as you can tell by now, so I would appreciate any insights.

Best Regards.

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Update; I found the solution for the "invisible" max width, but the weird formatting issues are still there.
After adjusting max width, it looks like this:

So my question remains, anything I can do to make the editor pane behave like a plain text editor?

Best Regards.

I don't think there's any straightforward solution, but it should be possible to achieve most of what you want by editing userchrome.css and adding something like

.codeMirrorEditor * {
	color: white !important;
	font-size: 100% !important;
	font-weight: normal !important;

If you're not familiar with custom CSS, basically you just need to create a new text file called userchrome.css in your Joplin profile folder, copy and paste the code there, save the file, and then restart the application.


Excellent! Worked like a charm.
Had no idea there was such a thing as userchrome.css, now I know where to look if I want to make further customization to the ui.

Thanks a lot for the help, appreciate!

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