Restore from Note History

Joplin v1.0.201 on macOS 10.14.6

Hi, due to some unknown probably user error, I deleted 1.5 years of notes from a single notebook (imported when I switched from Evernote).

I was much relieved to discover the Note History feature but curious as to why it appears to have missed a day when the app was open and changes were made to the note – so that the last good revision is 2 days ago?

Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 21.24.47

Also, I read that Joplin updates note changes every 10 minutes but this doesn’t seem reflected in the Note History?


It will only save a revision if you’ve modified the note, so maybe you didn’t change it on the 13th? Also if you’ve edited it on mobile, it might be different because if the app is closed it won’t save the revision in the background.

Thanks. But I’m pretty sure I’d added some notes on the 13th and all the work was on the desktop app. Mobile and laptop versions were not open. Sans backup, is there any other way to check?

Is it correct that there’s no ‘undo’ function in Joplin? First thing I tried when I saw what happened but to no avail.

Thanks so much for this critical feature!