Reverse notes - how far?

I'm using Joplin on a mac with 1.8.5 version.

I accidently deleted one sentence in a note a few months ago. I know in which of my notes the sentence was.

Is it possible to reverse only that one note? How far back can it be reversed?

If that's not possible, should I export all my notes in a JEX and go back until the sentence appears, than delete all notes or notebooks and import the JEX again? Would that work?

Great thanks in advance!

This depends on your history setting.

If this change is no longer in the history and you do not have your own backups, there is no way to restore the content.

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Hello and thank you JackGruber,

In the note history I can see a lot of like that:

18.01.2021 (+454,-1200)

Can all of those be restored?

The first time I restored a note it was empty and now I try it again but I can't click "restore". Nothing happens with clicking the button

Means that this version from 18.01.2021 has 454 additions and 1200 deletions to the actual note.

Yes, when you click on restore the notes are restored in the notbook Restored Notes.

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What if I can't click the blue restore button?

Does it mean those can't be restored?

For me it is just not clear what the problem is?
Could you post a screen shot?

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I uploaded three picutres to how I get to the restore button. On the third picture I am able to select 18.01.2021 as date, but neither do I see the note below on that specific date nor can I push the blue "restore button" on the right.

Does it mean those notes are just gone?

Does this not work with any note, or with this one revision only?

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I checked three of my 150+ notes and it's working with the other ones, just not the one I need.

Hmm, I think there's a bug in a lib we're using that can sometimes makes the revision creation fails, so maybe that's what happened for your note. Unfortunately this bug has never been fixed because I can't replicate it.

Hello Laurent, any way I can get this note now or in the future?

Most likely no revision was generated so unfortunately no. Do you have any backup of your local notes or the data on the sync target?

Unfortunately I don't have any backups. I fully migrated to Joplin and was not aware I could ever need to restore a note or being in need of a backup...

A backup would mean creating a JEX file which I could import or is there something else to consider?

Yes a JEX file is what you need for backup. There's also a backup plugin that can automate this for you.

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Another possibility if you sync to Dropbox, then you can use its undo feature to get a previous version of your note back.

I also use the backup plug-in for peace of mind.

Sorry you lost your note!

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Hello Sophia, does the reverse feature with dropbox work also for the free dropbox accounts or is it a feature for the pro versions?

It's available for all versions, including free: File version history | Dropbox Help

I see file history is available for only 30 days so not very useful in this case, but it's better than nothing...

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