Restoring deleted Notebook / notes

I mistakenly deleted a Notebook while dragging it under another Notebook, I don't understand how the Notebook and the notes under it disappeared. After I realized that the notebook and its contents was gone, I tried to restore notes from the Revisions but could only restore 4 out of 14. The rest were not there.

Version: Joplin 2.8.8. (Prod, Linux)
Sync - File System (Local Cloud Drive)
OS: Linux Mint 20.3

It must have synced via File System while I was trying to figure out as the log says:

I tried to retrieve the notes from the database from the Revisions table, as described here.
The revision table had only 40 notes since as Laurent says here that the revisions are stored only if there was a modification on the note.


  • Is there another way I can retrieve deleted notes? Any other table in the database, like Deleted Items? Or the encrypted .md files?
  • Do Notebooks have ID or is there a way to track the notes from the same Notebook?


  1. The log states that Revisions were created for 14 notes. I couldn't find them in the Revisions table. There were multiple files for the same note. I am sure I had more notes than 4 from this Notebook.
  2. I don't have a backup of the database.
    There were no Sync plugin when I started to use Joplin few years ago. Using syncing to another location via File System in local or cloud folder was suggested as a backup system back then, I don't recall where I read that. But I now realize that it is not.
  3. There is no Conflict folder.
  4. I don't have a copy of these notes elsewhere in another app.


  • There should be a way to retrieve Deleted Notes. And that should not include browsing the tables in a database.
  • If Revisions are created only for modified notes, than this is not a good method to retrieve deleted notes.


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