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Note history feature now in Joplin

The latest versions of Joplin adds support for note history. The applications (desktop, mobile and CLI) now preserve previous versions of the notes, so you can inspect or restore them later on as needed.

A common complain with many sync-based note taking apps is that they work in an opaque way - sometimes notes are changed or they disappear and it’s not clear why…

Full post over there:

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Great feature and thanks for the nice article.

There are 2 scenarios that should be explained as well:

  • how to delete revisions manually (this will come up a lot, maybe we should also create a FAQ entry or add it to the doc)
  • what will happen, if one uses 3 devices, but disables note history on one device

Then there is one sentence in the article that peaked my curiosity: Behind the scene, this is essentially already done since whenever a note is deleted, a final revision of that note is preserved. What’s missing is a user interface (i.e. the recycle bin) to view these deleted notes.

I think it’s very important to keep in mind that this final version must not be deleted when the days-to-keep threshold is reached.

Maybe you should limit the number of old versions too?
Yesterday I had an issue after I’ve edited many times a big note (> 1000 KB encrypted). Joplin ended up freezing 5 seconds after the start. Not sure if it’s related to the history. Unfortunately I had no time to look closer at it, just wiped out the directory and resynced.

Mobile? Desktop?

Desktop, Win 10 Pro.

Normally it saves a revision only every 10 minutes, and only the text that has been changed, so limiting the number of revisions should not be necessary. However it’s possible there’s a bug and too many revisions are created, but I would need more info to figure it out.

I copied content from a html file again and again into Joplin and finally it was broken. Unfortunately I can’t give any more information because I was a bit nervous and just went to WSL to type rm -r. After that I could add the same content and everything was fine.