Reset to default layout?

I'm running v1.7.11 and finally getting with the cool kids who use plugins.

During that, I tried out the Change Application Layout feature, which I love, except . . . I now have two extra panels.

How do I either

  1. Reset Joplin to the default layout, OR
  2. Remove the offending panels

I currently have no plugins installed.


Windows 10 Pro (latest stable)

Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, win32)

Client ID: d310500ceb454998a0e6f83605dd5a8b
Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: f560563d8 (master)

Removing cache worked for me (Mac): A markdown outline sidebar plugin for Joplin - #39 by johano

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