Noob Question: Where did the plugin options go?

OS Windows 10, Joplin 1.6.6 (prod, win32)

Sync Version: 2
Profile Version: 34
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: f58b7563e (master)

I just installed Joplin a couple of days ago. My impression, from looking in Tools, Plugins, and then searching for the letter "a" yesterday, was that there are some plugins that came packaged with it and enabled. I saw 10+- when I did this, some enabled by default, some not.

Today I looked and did not see any, except one that I had chosen (to install? to enable?) yesterday, "Outline." It is enabled and I don't see any outline sidebar, despite checking and toggling various views.

So, where did the plugins I saw yesterday go? Today I was specifically trying to do a bulk tag removal and I thought maybe that was one of the ones I saw yesterday.

Also, is it better to ask in this forum or in Reddit for questions like this?


Fresh install of Joplin won't have any Plugins (Tools>Options>Plugins) apart from markdown plugins (Tools>Options>Markdown).

Depending on width of sidebar, note list and editor panes, you may not see the Outline (especially on smaller monitors, try on the widest monitor you have). Try using F10 and F11 to hide the sidebar and note list. That may free up enough screen real estate for the Outline to be visible on the right edge of Joplin window. Once you see it, resize the other panes so that you can show sidebar, note list, editor panes and Outline all on one screen.

I just figured out how to remove the tag from all notes. I guess I was reading outdated documentation? I'm still not clear on how plugins work these days.

That doesn't conform to my experience. I saw small rectangles with names of non-markdown plugins when clicking Plugins on the left. They were visible when I searched. I tried searching for the letter a, then b, and the plugins were the same.

Thanks for your reply. With only the note in view, I still don't see the outline on my widest monitor. I'm looking for a way to decrease the note width with the hopes that then the outline will appear.

BTW, Outline was one of the plugin options that I saw and installed (or enabled?) yesterday - one of the rectangles visible when searching.

If you have multiple monitors in extended desktop mode, stretch the Joplin window across two screens, you should see Outline on the right side.

I think you went into Tools>Options>Plugins and searched for plugins. That is running a search of the plugin repository (online, not on your computer). It is NOT a list of plugins installed, but rather a list of available plugins. You can choose to install them, and the installed plugins will be visible in Tools>Options>Plugins. So perhaps Outline is not actually installed?

Thanks again. I will try with multiple monitors.

I did go to Tools>Options>Plugins and searched for plugins**, yesterday,** and Outline appeared yesterday and it now shows as enabled.

However now when I search nothing appears.

OK, so you have Outline plugin installed. Yeah, try stretching Joplin window across multiple monitors to see if that will let you see Outline. If so, resize the panes.

Or try deleting the plugin, restart Joplin. Install Outline again and restart. Yours is the first post I've seen where Outline wasn't immediately visible once installed, so maybe a fresh install of the plugin will resolve the issue.

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Before the new plugin system was added the the term "plugins" used to refer to some built in options for the Markdown editor. These are still there and accessed in settings using the Markdown entry.

@jb261 made reference to this above.

Is that what you saw?

It seems like there might be some issues at the moment searching the plugin repo from Joplin.
This issue has been raised on GH and it seems the newest pre-release version has it greyed out entirely for some reason

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I updated from Joplin 1.6.6 to 1.6.8 (I think those are the numbers) and the issue resolved.

Yes, in my description I confused it with what you see now for "plugins." Anyway, issue resolved, thanks.

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