Empty (Orphaned) Layout Items - And how to remove them

I had a problem with layout items beeing empty or orphaned after uninstalling plugins or changing the application layout. ( Unfortunately i could not pin point when it happened exactly. )

The issue might have been adressed in the latests pre-release at the time of writing ( v1.8.1).

I installed the latest patch, but things would still look like in the image below.

If someone encounters this, you be able to remove those empty layout items by doing the following:

  1. Open your joplin settings.json
    • Joplin -> Menu- > Help -> Open profile directory
    • Open settings.json in your text editor of choice
  2. Search for "ui.layout": {
  3. In "ui.layout" remove brackets + content that look exactly like this:
    "visible": true

I haven´t noticed any side effects, or plugins that break, so you might be fine.


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