Combine notes plugin

A small plugin to combine multiple selected notes into a new note.


Version v0.2.0 is available

  • Option added to create the combined note as a to-do
  • Option added to preserve metadata (Source URL, Creation Date, Updated Date, Location)
  • Option added to delete combined notes

@tessus I just saw I created the post in the wrong category, can you please move it?

@uxamanda and @blank I have added your suggestions


Awesome, works great, thank you!

Thanks a lot. Works like a charm.
Metadata prefix (and suffix) is a nice bonus. I already use it.

What would you use the prefix/suffix for? Are they something you'd want to apply to all combined notes, or would they change often depending on the content of the notes? Can someone give real usage examples? Thanks.

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v0.2.2 (2021-05-16)

  • Improved: Use Joplin date and time settings
  • Add: Option for combine date
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@mabo this is not the note overview thread!

oops. Sorry. Was confused...