Reopen encrypted and synced files

Hi everyone,

First of all thanks to the devs for making this great app, I was looking for an Evernote alternative for ages and Joplin does the job perfectly.

This said, I’m facing quite a big problem today.
I had a nextclou sync issue (I don’t use the nextcloud sync option but the file system option instead so this one is on me).

Fast forward, here is where I am today: I have a local folder with dozains of files (.md) which I suppose are my beloved notes, and 2 hidden folders (ressource and sync). I tried to specify this location in Joplin’s sync option (file system) but it doesn’t open it and stays desesperatly empty.

Any suggestion on how I could force Joplin to read these files and import it into its local database?

Thanks a lot

OS: MacOS (High Sierra)

I have simiar setup, although not via nextcloud.
My first dummy guess would be the path you manually typed is wrong. Can you check it? There’s unfortunately no path selector…
Option 2: clean all Joplin settings. Location of settings is displayed at the top of the Config window (/Users/<you>/.config/joplin-desktop). Delete that folder and relaunch. Type that damn path to you notes and try again. It helped me when I was fighting with encryption issues…