Please help me recover my notes

I need help please. I'm in a mess. My desktop told me my nextcloud folder needed more space. So I tried erasing the photos in my notes on my desktop. But it seemed like it wasn't working, as if it were jammed. So I went to nextcloud and erased all the files in the joplin folder. The idea was that the smaller joplin file should fit now. Then when i synced my desktop client it became empty.
So I tried recovering the notes from the trash in nextcloud. That seemed to work, almost all the 800 notes were recovered to the folder. But when I sync my desktop client. I only get 60 files, all in conflict.

I still have all the files on my phone. I tried to back them up somehow but can't find how.
Can someone please guide me?

Joplin 1.4.12 (prod, linux)

Ubunto 20.04.1 LTS

I made a back up before everything. It is a tar file. I can't import it though!

Hi there, I am not a developer, so take it with a grain of salt. I would

  • remove Joplin (and files) from all other devices
  • delete all files from nextcloud and go offline
  • remove Joplin main folder and re-install Joplin on your desktop
  • move (not import) the backup files into the correct Joplin folder on your desktop (I assume you have to unzip it first ??)
  • restart Joplin and enter the correct encryption keys
  • see what I get - locally - and check all notes before going online again

I hope this helps, there is nothing to loose (as long as you have a backup). Good luck !

I went to try that and I suddenly see that it solved itself somehow. I will remember to never manually touch the sync folder!

Thanks and enjoy a shared world! Open Source Everything!