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I use Joplin for Desktop on my MacBook , and I have all my notes encrypted and synchronized via WebDav with Nextcloud , someone in the office has deleted all my notes , and honestly now i realized that there is no recycle bin??? how can I recover them

I believe Nextcloud has a recycling bin, you might be able to recover the files that way.

Are all your notes missing from all devices?

Yes, the notes are missing in all the devices I use, I noticed that the notes are in the nextcloud recycle bin , I restored them , now the notes are in the Nextcloud server folder
But when I try to sync in Joplin Desktop application (i tried on Android, Linux and MacBook) does not sync the notes , maybe I have to copy them to the MacBook folder ?

I think if you remove the local Joplin files and try again it should work. Just delete the Joplin folder ~/.config/joplin-desktop and run Joplin again. All your settings will be removed and you'll have to set up again, but it should work. If you have a userstyle.css or userchrome.css you might want to back them up first.

I would also recommend copying the files on nextcloud somewhere safe, just in case.


Thanks, I solved with your advice .
I hope Joplin will have a recycle bin soon and the choice of putting a code on the notes or something like that

On my side what I can do is contribute to donations .


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I hope so as well. Actually I think it might be possible as a plugin, I might look into it when I have the time.

For now I recommend you install @JackGruber 's awesome backup plugin.

Yes please.

I installed this plugin , and configured it that automatically backs up the notes also on my nas .

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