Storing notes in plain text on nextcloud?

Heya :slight_smile: I just installed Joplin and i'm eager to use it!
Connected it to my nextcloud and for now, everything seems to work fine (as far as i can tell)

but it seems notes are stored in nextcloud in an encrypted form? i've found that there are .md files for notebooks and notes, which ARE kind of readable, but have a lot of overhead information attached inside them.

so i'm wondering: is there a way to have just the notes as, well "text" inside of "folders"? so i can (in the worst case scenario) just take those and still have my notes? or is this just the way it is?

is this the way it actually already is and nextcloud only displays that metadata for convenience and it's not actually part of the "text"? little confused here, sorry

thanks for this app! i'm coming from simplenote which deleted my stuff over and over, so i hope this be an even better experience :slight_smile:
thanks for any help!

The additional data you see is meta data, used by the app. The notes are not supposed to be used and/or modified on the sync target.

However, you can always export your notes to markdown.

From the FAQ:

Is it possible to use real file and folder names in the sync target?

Unfortunately it is not possible. Joplin synchronises with file systems using an open format however it does not mean the sync files are meant to be user-editable. The format is designed to be performant and reliable, not user friendly (it cannot be both), and that cannot be changed. Joplin sync directory is basically just a database.

yup ok that's what i thought (sry seems i missed that in the FAQ).
thanks for the reply, i'll just have regular backups then :slight_smile:

thank you! :slight_smile:

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