New to Joplin, cannot get sync to work properly with NextCloud

I started using Joplin and it was going well until I noticed I didn’t want all my notes in the top level folder of NextCloud, so I moved them all to their own folder and updated the WebDav address on both my desktop and my phone. However things seem not to be working now, whenever I create a new note, it appears in both devices but all my previous notes are no longer there. The note files exist in both the NextCloud web browser and on my local filessystem, they just don’t show up in either of my apps. Not sure if this is a bug or something I’m missing or not.

Any help would be appreciated!

It sounds like the same issue I had. Mine was caused by a deletion in my cloud drive, I’m betting a MOVE of a sync folder caused the same issue. Unfortunately the authors don’t have a good way of recovering from this. You need to re import your messages or recover them from a backup copy. In my case I came from Evernote and had not added many new notes, so I just re-imported.

Do you still have the files from the original cloud folder? You should be able to import them. I THINK you have to move them elsewhere first, like your PC, then import them again and let them sync back up to the proper sync folder.

Thanks for the help!
Seems a bit odd that it can import other file formats but not Joplin’s own note format. I ended up opening the files in text editor and copying the text manually.