Reference external folders and files in a Joplin note

Simply drag and drop the file/folder into a note with pressed 'Alt' key, than a reference/link is created in the note instead of a copy.

Found this method (here), tested it on my windows system and thougt WOW! :blush:
So I left a :heart: for the source post and repeat it here to spread it to everyone again...even if everybody except me knew it already :wink:


Useful tip, thanks!

Interesting that this behaviour adds newline chars (2 before, 3 after) around the created reference. Adding such newlines is identical to when a file is Attached, whether by drag-drop or menu (Edit -> Attach File).

Would be time-saving to be able to disable/customize the addition of newlines. I am deleting them every time I attach/insert actual files or file references.

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I agree the new lines addition when dragging/dropping files or references should be optional

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