Extra Lines When Drag'n'Drop attaching resources

Whenever I drag and drop files onto my Joplin Notes, Joplin always adds extra lines above and below the new resource link.

I find this rather frustrating and it really slows down my productivity. I am constantly attaching resources for my University courses (Prof. Notes, Assignments, etc.) and I always have to reformat after I add the resources.

When importing multiple files, they get spaced out and I have to go in and reformat (delete the extra lines) in order to get my markdown to look clean and organized.

As far as I can tell, there is no setting for this, and I couldnt narrow it down in the Joplin Source. Is there an easy way to add an option for this? (To just insert the Link the same way Copy-Paste works for Images, No extra Lines)

Beyond that:

  • Keep the order of files in the explorer when Drag'n'Drop attaching. Currently the order once added as resources is random. This is fine sometimes, but most of the time id rather my ordered files stray ordered.
  • Copy-Paste multiple files at multiple cursor location. Ex: Copy 5 Files in the Explorer, Create 5 cursors in Joplin, Paste the files directly to those 5 cursor locations. This would be fantastic for my resource heavy usage.

I confirm the extra lines phenomemon here also happens on normal editor, but does not appear in the Rich Text editor (WYSIWYG).

But one annoyance in WYSIWYG drag drop attaching ressource, is that it attaches where the cursor is (was) and not where you specifically drop it.

I think Caleb wrote a fix for that at one point. It could have been lost in the refactoring process.

These annoying extra lines are also added if you attach a file using the corresponding button in the toolbar. I would also appreciate a lot if the link to the attached resource was just added at the cursor.

I wonder if the current behavior is by design and if so, what's the rationale behind it?