Live Hack: Referencing Notes by drag n drop globally

Referencing to another note in Joplin is uncomfortable in Joplin. Here is a workaround: Referencing Notes by drag n drop globally


  • The description of your note (i.e. "joplin: How to") should be in the body of the note too (i.e. "# joplin: How to").
    • I personally do this by standard, because I want to be able to search for the description in the notelist (and otherwise I'm not able to do that)

Now you are in another note "writing my stuff" and want to reference to the note "joplin: How to".


  • in the body of "writing my stuff" note, you have to write a word of the title "joplin: How to" ...i.e. "joplin"
  • now you can see in the note list "joplin: How to" without being thrown out of the current note by search (because the searchword "joplin" is in current note)
    • [edit]: 'not loosing focus' may not be reproducable.
      • if you loose focus, you can regain it in the search list (and go on with the next step). By regaining the last note, you don't loose the search list and can go on with the next step.
      • I don't loose focus (too often). If I know, what it depends on, I will update.
        • [update] One factor is the typing speed during the search: If joplin hops in another note, because the typing speed is too slow, then this is the last focused window. This can happen several times entering a long search word. So "copy and paste" is your friend in this case.
  • use drag n drop to pull the "joplin: How to" to reference it in the current note "writing my stuff" from the note list. Works Globally.

PS.: There is no problem to reference other notes locally by drag n drop (as long as they are in the same notebook, you can use the notebook tree to dnd).

PSS.: Maybe it is time for a Thread "Lifehacks, workarounds and workflows in joplin". So joplin-developers can see how customers experience joplin and test features.
Like the moment when developers think: It was never intended to use feature xy like this ...pray and cross to fingers by looking over the users/customers shoulder :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I'm struggling to follow the workflow as described here.

Note 1

  • Title = Joplin: How to'
  • Body = #Joplin: How to

Note 2

  • Title = Writing my stuff
  • Body = Joplin

I now type Joplin into the search bar and it pulls the focus away from my note (it actually focuses on the Joplin: How to note.

However I can still then select my original note from the list drag it to the second note.

There is already a #tips-and-tricks tag you can apply to your post for exactly this purpose. At the top of the forum you will also notice a Wiki section which currently brings up a collection of all #tips-and-tricks tagged posts. The idea is to make this into a more wiki like experience but this is what it currently does.

Sorry, my bad. I missed something.

Your focus will (may) be pulled away.

  • But you can regain it, by clicking on the last note you were in (it will be in the search list of the notes too ...but you dont loose the note to reference in the search list).
  • I guess depending on the sorting style of the note (view -> sort notes by -> update), you may not loose focus
    I don't loose focus (too often) doing it (I dont know the reason yet, I got to figure it out ...maybe its my personal noten-naming convention).
    One factor is the typing speed during the search: If joplin hops in another note, because the typing speed is too slow, then this is the last focused window. This can happen several times (so the behavior seems not to be reproducable by ending up in a random last focused note).

So I think this feature request may improve the joplin app:

  • Don't loose focus on current note by searching the notelist
    • Because of consistency reasons ...its confusing using the note-search ending up in a random note. The preview of the body during/after a note-search doesn't provide additional information for the user, especially if its more or less determined by random (or typing speed)
      • maybe there is one contra: if the user doesn't know, what he is looking (he knows some catchphrases of the topic he is looking for, but does know the exact words he used in the note) for the live-preview-during-the-search may help there (to figure out the exact used words). But this doesnt help to much when having a lot of search hits. In 99% of all cases the user wont hit the note he is searching for only because of the live-preview-during-the-search
    • the additional usecase to be able to (reliable) dnd a searched note into the current one and to reference it this way, is worth it

Have you seen the Quick links plugin?

might be useful. Not exactly what you request, of course.

Thx, I just installed it. I will give it a try, looks pretty handy.

PS.: Offtopic. Need some text here, to repost this message xD

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