Recs for a Markdown outliner app?

Do you have any recommendations for an outliner app (web or windows) that works with/exports to Markdown?

I need to work on a longer text, and abilities like drag-drop rearranging of document sections would come in handy. (Obviously, I did try googling, but haven't found much.)

My conditions are that the app either has to be free, or at least have a free trial where I won't have to enter any financial information.

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logseq is a FOSS outliner, and generally an interesting app.


Whoa. That looks neat. It's even got Typora-style Markdown editing.

Not really platform-agnostic as far as I can gather (Joplin's great strength), but still an interesting project!

Thanks for the heads-up. I don't really care about it not being platform-agnostic, and I'm not looking to replace Joplin, so that's okay.
Logseq looks worth a try.

Do you (or anyone) happen to know how I could get an.. aehm... document outline in logseq? :smiley:

The features I wanted are there, I can work with that. But since the document I'm writing currently is quite big and has many sections, I hoped I'd be able to mark them as # headings on the top level, then have an overview to be able to orient myself and move around quickly.

Of course I tried googling and digging around in the UI, but I haven't found anything like that. As it is, I have to scroll around the big doc to find the section I'm looking for; that's quite cumbersome and annoying.

Not a logseq expert at all, maybe there's a dedicated plugin or feature, but I think that if you build your outline hierarchically it follows naturally. For example, it makes sense for each section to be a level-1 item (you can have the title of the section at level-1, regardless of whether this is a proper Markdown heading or not). At level-2 you could enter your text, perhaps an item for each paragraph, whatever resolution that fits your use case. And perhaps you could use other levels as well. If your document is constructed this way, collapsing the outline essentially creates an... outline (that is, a TOC). You can then zoom in on any specific section (by clicking it), or expand all of them.



Relevant keyboard shortcuts

Yeah, that's what I've been doing so far, but it's kinda annoying. :smiley:

Still, it's not a tragedy.

Thanks for the help!

There's this plugin, that works a little similarly to Joplin's [toc] (based on headings). The trick is then to open the TOC in the right panel, then you have a TOC view and an editing view (there's a command for doing this, in the 3-dot menu).

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