MarkText markdown editor

A modern markdown editor in VueJS and Electron, awesome.

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Oh, looks interesting. Maybe I’ll try it with Joplin instead of VS Code for a while and see.

I was looking for a markdown editor for vuejs to decorate a textarea (that I need for joplin-web) and fell on this complete project, which is not just a toolbar and markdown wrapper.

Unfortunately, it seems to be quite buggy for now.
Yesterday I pasted in a single paragraph and tried to italicize 5 words - I tried 10 times, it just discarded my changes. Had abandon it.

I’m not giving up on it just yet, though.

It’s also been my experience with the wysiwyg editors I’ve tried so far. They all look very nice and have cool demos, but when you look in the details it’s not quite there yet, and sometimes far from it.

That’s I’m no longer planning to put a wysiwyg editor in Joplin but rather add features to make editing Markdown easier, for example a utility to create and edit table would be nice.


I’m actually glad to hear that; I think it’s quite unnecessary at this point.
I don’t even miss editor features anymore - since I can do the basic stuff well enough, and can Open in external editor for the rest.

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The editor from Dropbox Paper is imho the best implementation of a WYSIWYG editor.
Its table workflow is very intuitive and I think it manages a nice balance between offering power user features and remaining intuitive for non-techie users.
People could enjoy that without even knowing what Markdown is.

If you’re a developer, Dropbox provides an API for Dropbox paper. Thus it’s easy to base your notes creation with it and then, with a couple a lines of code, grab the “paper” and add them to joplin.
I could do something like that with Jong I wrote, that creates notes from RSS feeds for now. Thus that could allow us to use at least whatever each other like to use as webapp editor and finally have their notes in Joplin.

I made a test with Dropbox Paper.

So suppose I write documents, then export them in Markdown. (dropbox allow us to export them in that format)

Once it's done, I upload those markdown files to my (for example) folder) then I use jong_imp (a tool I use to import markdown files from dropbox to joplin) and that's it.

Jong_imp is just a script I configured in a crontab and the look for any file in folder and create joplin note.

Thus lovers of webapps can use Dropbox Paper and enjoy joplin :slight_smile:

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The development of MarkText looks like is getting stable, would it be possible to incorporate the WYSIWYG editor of it into Joplin? that would make a great feature IMHO.

Probably not actually because their editor is tightly integrated to their app.

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Ok, it was just a thought I had, thanks.