Problems with seaching for date strings in titles of notes

I often uses date string like "2021-03-17" or "2021-08" in the title of notes like

  • 2021-08 do yearly car check
  • 2021-08-12 do something
  • 2021-12-08 buy christmas tree

I do this because some tasks can only start at this date or in a special month.
Now I'll use the search to find all notes with a special date string like the actual or next month or a special day. I use all "my searches" in some extra notes which uses the embeded search plugin.

  1. If I search for title:2021-08 joplin finds also the note "2021-12-08 buy christmas tree". That's wrong!

  2. How can I search for more many date stings? The search for title:2021-08 title:2021-09 won't work. Also title:2021-08 title:2021-09 any:1 won't work.
    I think the result here is because of the problem in my first example.

Are my search patterns wrong?
Or is there an issue with dashes in the search?
Or have I use a other search pattern or quote something with \ or "?

My Joplin Version: v1.7.11 Windows Portable


From the docu

One drawback of Full Text Search is that it ignores most non-alphabetical characters.

You can use thefollowing search /"2021-08-12"

Or maybe /title:"2021-08-12"

Both won't help:
/"2021-08-12" will also find notes with this text in the body and /title:"2021-08-12" will find nothing.

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