Search on Android does not find anything


on my desktop version of Joplin the search function finds notes based on title and content. As far as I know the Android version should do the same recently (

Unfortunately on Joplin 1.0.241 on Android the search function does not return results for neither titles or text in the notes. I tried both “ExactTitle” and “Exact*” but neither yield any results. The log does not contain error messages, all other functions are working fine. Is there anything I am missing here or should this just work?

I did not notice it, I can find things like I want, even in korean language

Is FTS enabled? (you can check in config screen)

Thank you for looking into this. FTS is enabled, I uninstalled / reinstalled Joplin on Android mobile phone (Sony using official firmware with Android Pie), the behavior remains the same (permissions are set to allow phone, storage, etc.). Then I did the same thing again and re-authenticated with Dropbox. Still all functions work besides search.

On a second Android device (Samsung tablet, also Pie) I have Joplin running as well, also linked to Dropbox but here search works perfectly. So it is device specific for some reasons. How can we find the root of this issue?

I suffer from the same issue. Syncing with Nextcloud on Google Pixel (Android 9).

I’m also syncing with nextcloud on Google Pixel (Android 9) and it works perfectly.

The search is not a live search (activated every time a character is entered). You have to click the blue check mark at the bottom right corner of your keyboard.