How can I search for notes by creation/update times? Or do any advanced search at all?

Version 1.0.201 linux

I tried

but it just searches the notes content for the string. How can I search for for notes from last 7 days?

I also tried to search by tag like this:

but it just finds notes containing ‘android’ in content, it does not find any notes tagged with ‘android’

Am I doing something wrong or you really can only search by text in title or body?

I also know a bit of SQL but can’t figure out how to use it in joplin. Can someone provide me some working search examples?

@Lord_JABA welcome to the forum.

Not a dev, just a user, but you may wish to have a look at this section of the web-site where it explains the current searching options and the “Go to Anything” search (which includes searching for tags and notebook names).

That being said, the search capabilities are being overhauled at the moment as a result of a Google Summer of Code (GSoC) Project. The progress can be found in this forum category.

@dpoulton I was following that page - but there is no mention about searching by dates or tags there

Goto Anything

In the desktop application, press Ctrl+G or Cmd+G and type a note title or part of its content to jump to it. Or type # followed by a tag name, or @ followed by a notebook name.

There’s no mention of searching by date because there is no searching by date that I am aware of. I guess that’s why searching was seen as something to be picked as a GSoC project.

EDIT: Extract from the Project Goals

  1. Implement the Okapi BM25 ranking function.
  2. Implement additional keywords to refine the search.
    1. Filter on tags tag: tag1 tag: tag2
    2. Filter on notebook notebook:notebook1
  3. Filter by date
    1. Date created in YYYYMMDD created:20151218
    2. Created n days ago created:day-n
    3. Updated n days ago updated:day-n
  4. Filter on todos
    1. Show only completed todo todo: true
    2. Show only uncompleted todo todo: false
    3. Show all todo todo:*
  5. Filter by exclusion
    1. Without a term -term1
    2. Without a tag -tag:tag1
  6. Filter using or
    1. Search for any of two terms term1 or term2
    2. Search for any of two tags tag1 or tag2
    3. Implement fuzzy searching
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You can take a look at this. It should help you.

This is a relatively new plug-in, which can realize embedded search and sorting of search results. You can even directly display the contents of the searched notes. You can pay attention to it.