Problems when switching from OneDrive to Dropbox


I’m trying to switch to Dropbox to avoid running into the 4MB attachment limit on OneDrive, and though I’ve tried uploading the resources and sync folder onto Dropbox first using the Dropbox app, as per the forum post, to save time and prevent the risk of crashing, Joplin STILL goes through all 2k+ files when I change sync target and press synchronise. Meaning, it gives me the “creating remote items” message endlessly, and in Dropbox it recreates all the notes anyway.

Am I missing something? What am I doing wrong? At least it hasn’t wiped existing my notes (which I backed up anyway), but I just want to avoid the sync running for days unnecessarily if I switch storage. I thought if I copied the existing folders from One Drive to Dropbox, the sync would see they existed already and not repeat. Instead it seems to go through them all again regardless.

Any enlightenment will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Operating system: windows 10, Android , iOS