Process to migrate from DropBox to OneDrive?

I am currently using DropBox for my file source behind Joplin. It works great but I just hit the device limit of 3, so I want to migrate to OneDrive.

I found this thread which talks about using SyncThing, which is sounds like a good option. I am still primarily interested in using OneDrive right now, while I review SyncThing.

My first pass at a strategic process of migrating my data source from DropBox to OneDrive:

  1. Backup all data as a JEX file.
  2. Install test and verify OneDrive.
  3. Copy files from DropBox to OneDrive (and let them settle).
  4. //Joplin/Tools/options/synchronization/Synchronization Target: Change from DropBox to OneDrive.

Has anyone done this before? Anything that I am missing?


You don’t need and probably shouldn’t manually copy the files from Dropbox to OneDrive. You can just change the sync target in the Option screen and the app will upload the notes to OneDrive.

Just to be sure though, you should indeed make a backup first.

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