Synchronization not working


I been trying to fix this, tried various things but I just can't get Joplin to sync completely to OneDrive!

I realized this first when I was trying to sync my android app but nothing was updating.
I'm using Windows 10 as my main Joplin app and using Joplin 2.8.8
I checked my OneDrive, there are still many gigs open space available ... but only 2 folders show, and one of them not even being the right folder (think I changed name but seems it never updated).

I wanted to add the log file, but forum tool says max file has to be 8mb, my log file size is 10mb


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Without a more detailed description, we can't really help you. You could however try creating a backup of you data (export to a single JEX file) and start from scratch (clearing your dropbox and reconfiguring your sync settings, then reuploading everything).

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