Problem with the markdown editor

Version of Joplin : 2.8.8 (prod, win32)
operating system : Window 10

It is a problem with the Markdown editor. I installed the "Rich Markdown" plugin, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it finally but got this : a new panel on the right of the markdown editor saying : "Change notes back and forth if you see this" (image below)

I think it comes from Joplin and not a bug from the plugin but I don't understand how to go back to the normal view : Could you help me please ?

Thank you,

I am also syncing with joplin cloud. (even is that seems not to be the issue)

Hi @KrullTheWarriorKing

This is not a bug with Joplin or the Rich Markdown plugin. It is coming from another plugin you have installed. Please try uninstalling your plugins one at a time until the note goes away.

Also if you share which plugins you have installed, I might be able to search them to see which causes this.


Thank you for the answer.

I Uninstalled the plugin Automatic Backlink to note and everythink was back to normal view.

When I reinstalled the plugin, I had the same issue.

I think I will reinstall the deskopt app to see if it persists. --> Which had no effect at all ^^

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It seems that the Automatice backlink to note plugin is not active anymore.
The Note Link System plugin (which is inspired of the latter plugin) seems to have the same functionality.

I don't know what to do ? Should I report the bug ?

Thank you

You might as well report the bug. Even if the developer doesn't fix it, at least other users will be aware.

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