Any risk in Rich Markdown plugin?

Hi there,

I wanted to install and use the "Rich Markdown" plugin. If I understood correctly, it would remove the "double view" on Joplin, i.e., the way we see things here, with 2 panels, one for markdown and other for the "rendered" version of the note.

But, as I am coming (now I am using Joplin for more than 10 days) from Obsidian, and there I was very afraid to use plugins, I would like to know if does the Rich Markdown plugin can cause some "harm" to my notes. I.e., will it affect in any way the way my notes are stored, etc?

Thanks in advance.

It doesn't remove the double view, @ewsg, it makes the markdown editor more readable in lots of ways (an obvious example, embolden and italic will be formatted as such, and thus make it easier to read and work with the note).

I've used this plugin in for a long time, and have noticed no ill effects. It has made the markdown editor far more useful and pleasant to use for me day to day, and I think it's popular among Joplin users.

Good luck!


Hi @johano ,

Thank you very much. Understood.

I'll install the plugin right now. Moreover, I am using a lot of plugins! :rofl:

Hi there,

So, what am I missing here? :slight_smile:

I installed the plugin but I confess I was not able to see any difference between Joplin with and without it. :frowning:

Have you tried switching on different options in the plugin settings?

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Oh, my bad. I got now. Sorry.

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