About code markdown

Joplin 2.8.8 (prod, win32)
Windows 7 x64

I would immediately like to ask for forgiveness for bad English and for a stupid question.
I add the code to the note, but in the viewing mode, this code for some reason is shown twice: as a simple text and with the highlight of syntax. When adding large pieces of code, the note becomes terribly inconveniently readable.
What am I doing wrong? How to remove code duplication?

Something doesn't seem right there, it shouldn't be doing that at all.

Do you have any plugins or custom CSS installed? I'm not sure what would cause that.

The fact is that this was originally. Not a single plugin was installed. CSS styles did not change either.
Please tell me how it is possible to fix it. The same thing with MERMAID

Something looks off, e.g. there is no syntax highlighting in the Markdown window. Are you user there is no custom CSS or any other modifications in use? Does the problem affect all notes or only specific ones? If it's the latter, you could try to export a sample note as JEX and upload it here for testing.

Also, you could try to close Joplin completely (including the tray icon), then download and run the portable version and see whether the same problem happens there with the default configuration.

Thanks for the answer. The problem affects all notes and appeared immediately after installation a couple of months ago. At first I even thought that it should be so for some reason.
By the way, I just have a portable version. Do you think the problem is in it?
I will try to put the usual, but the portable is more relevant to me ...

You could just run yet another portable copy from a different folder then :slightly_smiling_face:. Please keep in mind that you won't be able to start both at the same time. That's why it's important to completely close the first one first.

I figured out the problem, thanks!
This is a bug of the program, it incorrectly processes some paths, so the whole layout breaks.
If the application (portable version or normal) is installed in the folder in which the symbol # is used, then everything works badly ( in my case it is the path C:##MySoft\Joplin\ ).
As soon as I remove the symbols # from the path, there are no problems!


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