Problem syncing in multiple devices and Nextcloud

Hi, I use Joplin one month ago with two Linux computers and Android syncing with my nextcloud. I had initially problems due to I imported all my evernote notes (almost 500), but I got sync in all of them.
But now I reinstall with Kubuntu 18.04 and Joplin 1.0.169 (also tested with a snap package) and notes are not synced. Even, I am trying to sync by file system, with my folder /home/user/nextcloud/joplin and neither sync.
I have created 2 notes and changed the folder to:
and it sync well. But it does not sync with the folder where my 500 notes are.
Thanks in advance,

Sorry, reply to my own problem. Thanks Laurent (I read another related thread), I removed the config folder:

And now it is syncing.


Just came here to say I’ve had the exact same problem and your post solved it. Thanks! And thanks to Laurent for this awesome piece of software.