Text Wrapping of Notebook & Note Titles in Notebooks and Notes List columns

Hello. I saw a post about this about the android version of the app, but I thought I might post again since I'm asking about all versions, in particular for the Windows/Mac versions. That post is here

Joplin usually runs with 3~4 columns depending on the editing mode. On a bigger/wider monitor like an ultrawide for desktops, this is fine. On smaller screens like on 13" laptops, it seems like the markdown editing/preview columns become pretty thin, if one tends to have long descriptive titles for notebooks and notes, the titles get cut off. I know tags are a thing, but not everybody uses it and it's nice to be able to identify what's in a notebook or note just from the title. I tend to name notebooks by category - "Project - Category - sub category - xxx", so the actual contents of the notebook get cut off and can't be seen until I drill down. It'd be nice if the title text wrapped to show the entire title.

As far as I can tell, there is no option or plugin to wrap notebook and note title texts (if I'm wrong, apologies in advance), which would be great on more mobile devices with limited screen real estate. If anyone knows a way, any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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