Search functionality in Joplin

I mostly use Goto Anything because:

I discovered its keyboard shortcut first. This may be the case for users familiar with command palette, Quick Open, or print shortcuts elsewhere.

Its overlay makes it clear when its focused compared to the search bar's blinking cursor.

It highlights search matches for titles and content without moving me away from my current note.

Its included help button explains it supports notebook (@notebook), tag (#tag), and command search (:command). In my testing, the search bar doesn't support these. These also populate Goto Anything with matching results. Compare that to the search bar, which requires longer operators (notebook:, etc.) that require exact matches.

Returning to my current note is one Back click away. Using the search bar requires clicking the In: notebook button first with CSS to hide the formatting bar by default applied.

As for basic search (which only works in the search bar, but should work elsewhere):