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Wonder if it's possible to use the Portable version of Joplin with OneDrive (assuming it takes a full copy of the OneDrive notes during sync)? Might this (sort of) give a "web version" which could be used on any PC assuming there's a USB port and I have the drive with me?

Sorry if this is an obvious question!


From how you have described it that is exactly what the portable version is for.

You put it on a thumbdrive and when you run it it sets up your profile / data store on that thumbdrive. So you can set Joplin up to sync with OneDrive and all the data is stored on the thumbdrive rather than the computer. You can then put the thumbdrive in any Windows computer and run JoplinPortable but when you close Joplin and remove the thumbdrive you are taking all your data with you, hence "Portable" :slight_smile:


Thanks. I'm assuming this would not affect how I use Joplin in 'non-portable' mode on other Windows PCs or iOS devices (all using OneDrive to sync with)?

No it won't. It's just another Joplin client just like your desktop or mobile ones.


Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been looking at the portable version after reading what you said above. When I click on the download link (home page > windows > alternative) a file named "Joplinportable.exe" is presented, BUT no version number. I think a file name like
"Joplin-v1...-portable.exe" (with the actual version number filled in) should be adopted.
Since I don't know who to tell, ... could you forward the message ? You seem to be a team member, or close to them.

I'm not a part of the team or any closer to them than you are! I just post a lot!

I guess that the portable version is intended as a "drop-in" replacement so it is always named the same and without a version number. To be honest the web-site can be a bit out of date with its links as the site maintenance catches up.

You can download it, right click, Properties, Details and you will get the version number.

However the best place to download Joplin, whether it is release, pre-release, old or new is the releases area for Joplin on GitHub. They are listed by the release version and all the downloads for that version are referenced under "assets".

I did this for a while, with Google Drive. It can work, however there are caveats. If you change or create a few notes then shut down too quickly before the cloud drive has synched you can create an incomplete set of notes on the cloud drive. Also opening the same instance off the cloud drive on several different computers might also hose it up. I'm not sure about this last statemen though. All I know is I got my E2EE encryption messed up and notes note synced right and had to delete it all and start over. This happened when I synced a bunch of large files that were not related to Joplin. The sync agent was busy writing those large files and the Joplin file sync never got synced in the cloud.

I STILL use the portable version, although I keep the executable on the local PCs disk outside the cloud drives sync folder. I then use OneDrive to to sync with. If you happen to shut down before the cloud syncs it should still work OK on the remaining clients. Since the Joplin synch is actually syncing to the CLOUD directly and not the clouds sync folder for a file system sync, once the sync says it's finished it is truly finished, regardless if the clouds sync agent finished or not.

I was thinking this might be useful on a work laptop which is locked down (no access to write to USB drives for example) so maybe it won't work after all. The only possible useful way would be keeping the files on the USB in sync with OneDrive and using them in read-only (offline) mode on the work laptop.

That's probably more trouble than it's worth. I'll always have access to my data on an iOS device nearby, so that's probably sufficient.

If your work has locked down your laptop they are probably trying to prevent things like this from happening! Seems like your iOS device is probably the best way of keeping on the "good side" of the company IT Security Policy...

Always a good idea...

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