Is it safe to put Joplin Portable in OneDrive and also use OneDrive to sync data?

I am running Joplin Portable 2.7.15 on a Windows 11 machine. I copy portable apps to a OneNote folder and run them from there. Is it safe to put Joplin Portable in a OneDrive synced folder and also use OneDrive Joplin sync target?

I'm not sure I understand why you would be syncing it with two different methods?
Obviously you are in danger of losing data by doing it this way.

For example what happens if you:

  • Create note on PC1 but OneDrive folder fails to sync as well as internal sync
  • Open Joplin on PC2 and create a note there, OneDrive folder syncs changes
  • Open Joplin on PC1 which syncs to latest version stored on OneDrive folder

Haven't you now lost all traces of that first note?

Is there a reason you woudn't just use the sync target which is designed specifically for syncing different clients?

Thank you and you're right, that can be risky. My thought was to make running Joplin an option from any OneDrive synced PC.

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