Joplin version 1.0.89

A new version has been published, here is the release content :

  • New: Resolves #122: Added support for sub-notebooks. Please see doc for more info
  • Improved: Export/Import links to notes
  • Fixes #480: Ignore invalid flag automatically passed by macOS
  • Fixes #61: Handle path that ends with slash for file system sync



I've reorganized my notebooks into a few sub-folders. But now I'm hesitant to run the Portable version - there is no update for that one yet. Will it break anything, if it downloads sub-notebooks while not supporting them? More specifically, will it mess up my synced data?

(Knowing myself, I'll probably wait for a while for an answer here, then just back up my NC folder and try it, and let you know. :laughing: What's the worst that could happen, right?)

what do you mean by ?

I’m hesitant to run the Portable version - there is no update for that one yet

on android, the sub dir are well displayed, you just can’t move folder from one to another. Otherwise the sync is ok when you do modification from desktop and sync on mobile.

I mean the actual portable version for Windows. See here:

1.0.85 seems to be the latest version there.

Ok, I went ahead and did it.


Could have been worse, I guess.

I see, I don’t know for that.

I feel that it will be difficult to provide dedicated format like for portable app, if it is not included by the build process and available from the download page.
Having to connect to each service website to publish a dedicated format will take too many time in a near future

Sure, I get that. And honestly, I’m okay with the portable app not being a priority and it being behind on the releases. I’m just hoping one is released at least when some big feature or breaking change (like this one) is added. Here’s to hoping Laurent will get around to it eventually.

My plan is to make a portable version part of the automatic build process, that way it will be as up to date as the other versions.

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In fact, it’s not sure the PortableApps version will happen since it depends on PortableApps .com and it’s not clear what their criteria are to accept an app.

So for now I’ve released a self-contained portable app - it’s just an executable that you can place on a USB device. It will then create a JoplinProfile directory next to it and that’s where the database, resources, etc. will go.

It’s kind of beta so please give it a try and let me know if you notice any issue.

May be it’s off topic, but I like the idea of having an USB device with my notes.
Will it be possible to use the actual Appimage for linux ; from an USB device too (and store the notes of the USB stick) ?

Wow, I see you've released it already. That was quick and you guys are the best. :smiley:

I don't actually care about the PortableApps format specifically, so I'm okay with that. As long as there's a portable version, I'm satisfied.

Update: I even managed to move the PortableApps version data to this new one without screwing everything up (again)! Imagnie that. :smiley: :dancer::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::confetti_ball:

In Linux I don’t think the AppImage can be made portable in that way, however you could start it with a given profile path and thus make it portable.

For example you could have a Bash script like this on your USB drive, next to the AppImage:

CURRENT_DIR="$( cd "$( dirname "${BASH_SOURCE[0]}" )" && pwd )"
$CURRENT_DIR/Joplin.AppImage --profile "$CURRENT_DIR/JoplinProfile"

And that will start the AppImage using the profile in the JoplinProfile dir on the USB drive (you might need to tweak the script as I didn’t test but that should give you the idea).

ok, thanks you.
i’ll test it