Syncing Desktop and Portable Notes

I installed the desktop version of Joplin and I also installed a portable version I created with Cameo. (I live in China and downloading the official portable version takes too long from my location).

My question is how can I sync the notes between the desktop version and the portable version used on my external usb flash drive?



I’m replying, with what I’d do, but understand please that I’m a newbie and don’t know much. However, this should work.
I’d copy my database to a sync folder on my computer and then copy that to the flash drive. When syncing was to be done, I’d copy the flash drive data back, and sync then copy the result back.

I don’t trust flash drives, syncing is complex. So I’d do all my syncing on the computer and simply copy back and forth.

Remember, I may know less than you, so this is blind leading blind, but perhaps someone knowledgeable will straighten us out.

Steve, where can I find my database files?

Also, can anyone provide a download link for the portable version? Is there another way to download besides using the link provided on the Joplin website?


You can simply choose a filesystem sync target and sync to that location using both copies of Joplin, this way the Joplin syncing procedure will take care of things for you.

I don’t understand how to open the sync files. They don’t appear to be database files. I am not an IT expert. Can anyone explain this to me?

If I use the portable version of Joplin will it be the most recent version (the same as the desktop latest update?)


You are not meant to open these files, they are used by the joplin application. Simply choose the same sync target in each version of joplin that you use, and the Joplin application will use that location to share notes with the other version of Joplin.

I downloaded the portable version but it isn’t the latest version. When will the latest download be available for the portable?

I will try your suggestion for syncing the desktop and the portable. Currently, I deleted the desktop version to avoid confusion and possible mistakes when using one or the other on the same computer.

The latest version should be available here

Is this latest version the portable version? I am using the portable version.


This release includes all desktop versions (macOS, Linux, Windows). The portable is called JoplinPortable.exe

My portable version is 1.0.160. Is there a 1.0.161 version for the portable?

Should be at the download link.

YogaTurtle, where do you pull Joplin Portable from? I had the Portable but can’t remember how I got it on my USB. Then I get this upgrade message except when I install the new version, it doesn’t seem to be the portable version even though it seems to be running just fine from the USB.

Alternatively you can use FreeFileSync to sync between USB and whatever else you want? Or am I missing something?

The portable version can be downloaded directly from the home page (Next to the Windows download):

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An amazing app! Thank you, Laurent!

Is there a way to bookmark on a mobile device?