Poll: undo beyond notes

Joplin 1.6.7 on Mac
Currently the undo/redo commands are very limited in scope. What the user can do at best is undo the last edit in the current note. I cannot judge how many people consider a wider scope important, but the notes history feature is a very coarse hammer. I would see major advantages in the following implementation:

  • undo (redo) to better work after switching to another note or clicking through several notes,
  • undo to be able to undo renaming or deleting notebooks, titles of notes, and other situations outside the scope of simple note editing,
  • undo works the same way in MD and wysiwyc editors,
  • related menu commands consistently available in all situations.

I am aware that all this needs better definition of scope and implementation. But for now I would just like to ask you to click the "like" button if you agree with the simple need for this improvement.


I prefer to set the expectations clearly here because your post sounds kind of official. You want someone to implement for you some extremely complex feature. Personally I don't plan to work on this and even if someone else did, it's still hundreds of lines of code that I would have to review, and I also don't plan to do this.

So just because there's an official-sounding proposal and it gets many up-votes, it still doesn't mean it's going to happen. I just don't think there's a good ROI on that particular feature (lots of work, massive increase in maintenance complexity, and not that much value in return), so it won't happen.

It's an open source project though, so if you have some ideas on how it should be managed, you're free to fork it, get people interested in it, and give the project whatever direction you like.


joplin is not a professional editor, so it is difficult to achieve the functions that a professional editor should have, that's it. . .

If by professional you mean entreprise-ready, then indeed it's probably not. However the few times I talked to organisations about this, it's not because of undo. Things like collaboration features, user tracking (who changed what) and support for multiple profiles or groups is much more important.


What if trying to undo past the last undo point opened the versions page that lists previous versions?

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I must say, you surprise me a little. Let's see what happened. A user says "I would see advantages in the following feature", posts in under features, in the relevant forum. A moment later, sounding slightly irritated, you say "no" in a very official way. So what's the big deal ? Happens all the time. Or is it the fact that I called it a poll - trying to get some idea whether other people share my view ?

I like what Joplin does for me, even if 1.6 was the last version ever. And do certainly not have any intention to make it look less valuable. Do you really no longer want to hear about peoples ideas ?

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To me, the first post looks like it could have been from an official developer, if I wasn’t familiar with their names.

I think the second post is simply warning people that the first post is not official, so people should not be disappointed if no one takes on this task.


No, you're free to discuss your ideas (I didn't close or delete your post), but if you create a poll it often implies that "many votes = it will be done". It won't be done, and it's better to be clear about it. In general, I would favour informal discussions about features over polls.


I don't agree with your approach, but that's your business. Ciao

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