Undo function/key?

I’ve really become reliant on an UNDO key–is there some version of that in Joplin, like a a set of hotkeys? ctrl+whatever? I’m in Windows 10, if that helps.

Ctrl-Z works in the editor

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awesome sauce! thank you, CalebJohn.:slight_smile:
I'm still learning as I go, and the more i use Joplin, the better i like it. Of course, there are features i think we'd all like to see, but hey. Much better than everything out there, in my estimation.

Ctrl-Z for undo and Ctrl-y for redo (reverse undo), are standard Windows hotkeys and work in most applications. Always worth a try.

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Note. That key combination is pretty universal for every operating system. Apple, because they must for some reason be different only for the sake of being different, use a Command key or some such instead of a Control key.

CTRL-c for copy.
CTRL-v for paste.
CTRL-x for cut.

This stuff saves you massive amounts of time.

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thank you!

Ctrl-Z & Ctrl-Y don’t seem to work in the WYSIWYG editor - at least not in Joplin 1.0.224 (prod, win32) Ctrl-C,V,X do work.

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Laurent has fixed this in the latest Pre-Release (v1.0.227)

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Great! thanks for letting me know!

how to you do ctrl+Z (or undo) on the joplin andrioid app?

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After making changes to a note, you will see an arrow appear on the top bar, one for undo and another for redo.