[Feature Request] Don't Save / Undo

Use case:

  • platform: Joplin app on Android
  • I was editing a large block of text.
  • I accidentally hit the delete key.
  • auto-save kicked in.

I lost everything that was selected.

Two possible workarounds:

  1. Add “Undo” functionality. It doesn’t have to be as powerful as Evernote which allows you to revert several states… but it could be.
  2. Add a “Don’t save” functionality. I think it’s Wordpress that marks different types of save events: User Save events and Auto-save events. User Save takes precedence. While a document is “dirty” don’t make auto-saves authoritative, because they might make edits they don’t want to make final.

(Also: thanks so much for writing Joplin! I’ve finally achieved my dream of divorcing from Evernote!)


This is desperately needed.

I loathe this auto-save feature as I’ve already lost several notes as a result of this. It’s just too easy to make mistakes on a touch screen, and it’s on mobile devices I use Joplin most.

I don’t know when this ‘feature’ was added, but it’s negatively impacted my use of Joplin. Combined with the Electron (shudder) desktop app constantly freezing Joplin unfortunately has become really difficult to use.

Shame, as it was such a great tool when I first started using it a year ago.

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In the link below, I also made similar suggestions, I hope developers can consider. Thank you

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Not keen at all on the shake to undo/redo edits.

In fact, I got so annoyed by the inability to undo my mistakes, combined with that loathsome and problematic auto save feature, that I had pretty much stopped using Joplin altogether, and has started evaluating using Markor + Syncthing as a possible replacement.

I decided to take another look today, and to my surprise not only an undo button has been added, but also a redo button! Pretty awesome!

Still need a manual save option though, instead of a an auto save on exit. I may be working on a note, performing multiple edits, then decide to scrap it all. I don’t want to have to do multiple undo actions to get the note back to its original state.

So close, yet so far…