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[Feature Request] Don't Save / Undo

Use case:

  • platform: Joplin app on Android
  • I was editing a large block of text.
  • I accidentally hit the delete key.
  • auto-save kicked in.

I lost everything that was selected.

Two possible workarounds:

  1. Add “Undo” functionality. It doesn’t have to be as powerful as Evernote which allows you to revert several states… but it could be.
  2. Add a “Don’t save” functionality. I think it’s Wordpress that marks different types of save events: User Save events and Auto-save events. User Save takes precedence. While a document is “dirty” don’t make auto-saves authoritative, because they might make edits they don’t want to make final.

(Also: thanks so much for writing Joplin! I’ve finally achieved my dream of divorcing from Evernote!)