Backup, recycling bin and undo/redo button

Please consider adding these features in future updates of Joplin:

  • Redo/Undo buttons - I can’t undo/redo actions on my tablet. I have selected a large section of text, deleted it but wanted to undo the action. Allowing more room for these type of human errors will enhance user experience significantly.
  • Recycling bin - I have deleted notes and wanted to retrieve it again, but there is no recycling bin. Recently, I lost an entire notebook (it was accidentally placed in wrong parent notebook). Luckily I was able to retrieve from an Evernote backup. Leaving little room for user error will impact user experience negatively.
  • Backup - An easy way of performing backup of notes. A built-in interface would be nice.
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I'm curious how would you expect it works? Just creating a JEX archive every x days, and overwrite the previous one? The way I see, the only backup that makes sense is a versioned one (like what Time Machine is doing), but that's the work of a specialised backup tool. But perhaps you have something else in mind.

Auto-backup could indeed makes sense but I'm wondering the right way to do it (or if it even makes sense to do it).

Notes are already versioned as there are “Note history”. However, I think it’s a good idea to have another copy of data as backup is a good.

Maybe an initial full backup of files first and then only updated/new/deleted files after.

I’d suggest keeping it as simple as possible. My problem is that I don’t remember to export the file as often as I’d like to remember. The export JEX is already there and it remembers where it last backed up. So, something as simple as asking on close, would you like to backup? and offering a default name would be a nice addition. Then of course, remembering the name for them. To get “fancy”, you could have an optional “add a date suffix” checkbox to the name. So, joplinbackup becomes joplinbackup192909. Forcing an ok would allow the user to change the name if they wanted. The end user could make backups of the backups to have them off-device and off-site and versioning.

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Export into a JEX might not be optimal as it might be equivalent to making a full backup each time it runs.

What I am thinking of might actually be very simple to implement. It’s basically like a copy of what you get when you are using the software.

With the backup I’m thinking of, it works by keeping a record of activities since your last backup. For example, if you update files or add files, it’ll record these activities. So on the next backup, it will just replay these recorded activities and it’ll only perform the updates and add the new files.

A lot of coding might already in place to have this feature added into future updates. The developers are in a much better position to determine the complexity of such feature and what options are best.

It is definitely a feature they should consider, it’ll be very devastating for someone if they were to lose all their notes, particularly if they have accumulated notes over the many years.

The export feature does the job for now, but it not as user-friendly as it could be. A more intuitive GUI with backup option will cater for a much larger demographic.

Between the feature request mentioned though, I really want the recycling bin and undo/redo button to take precedence. It has been frustrating when I deleted a whole line and needed to undo, but there was no option to do so.

The OP included 3 distinct requests, but I wish to re-affirm his first which was not addressed in any of the above responses: the mobile (Android) version of Joplin does not provide an easy way to undo when editing a note, and undo/redo button would solve this. (Technically, one could press “CTRL-Z”, but few screen keyboards provide this functionality.) I have too often found myself with some accidental goofy edit (sometime with entire blocks of text accidentally replaced) when working on my tablet, only to find the edit saved and synced with no way to undo it. An Undo button please!


This is a very good point. I’ve lost data several times on my phone because of this.

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