Poll: Repository Status

I have a few ideas on how to proceed. This is what I have in mind:

  • rename the Plugin Repository Status topic to Plugin List
  • move the status of the last run (every 30 minutes) to a wiki page on Github, since this particular information is more important to developers
  • unhide the topic Plugin List and only update the Plugin List post when there is a new or updated plugin. This means it will only be bumped for new or updated plugins.

The question now is, whether the majority of people are ok with the fact that this topic will be bumped every time there's a new or updated plugin.

Is it ok to bump the topic for new or updated plugins?
  • Yes
  • No

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The poll will close in 3 weeks (2021-06-26 16:00 UTC).

Will it show what specific plugins have been added or updated?

Yes, I will add that before the list of all plugins.

Btw, I've already modified the script to show which plugins have been updated or are new.

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