Plugins list with release date?

Hello all,
I'm trying to figure out what plugins have been released after I installed mines on my system years ago.
Actually I read the plugin list from start to end and check if some plugin are already installed, but it's a long story. And I need to repeat it the next time I will check for new plugins.
Is there a way to add the release date to the list?
So that we can sort them by date?
What do you think?


You could just use the data from the repo. For example

The Plugins category is only for anouncing plugins, not support. There should have been some text explaining that when you tried to post.

@moderators, maybe that message could be stronger? Seems like people are ignoring it.

yes but you have to check them one-by-one. :grimacing:

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Its JSON so you can consume it and/or the manifests file and process it however you want. New entries are just added to the end. Or look at the commit history.