Plugin updates

not exactly sure which forum to post this, but quick question as I couldn't find an answer anywhere (but i probably missed it, sorry).

Love the plugins and am currently using a few of them. When a plugin is updated, does Joplin check and automatically update the plugin or is it a manual operation that I have to check each one periodically for updates?


I believe the long term goal is to have a proper plugin repository - Plugin repository?

Currently checking for new versions is not implemented.

At one point we plan to add a central repository that references plugins. In this case something like a version check could be implemented. But I think this must be optional. Not everyone wants Joplin to generate requests in the background.

that works, thanks for the info. i'll just use a manual website_change check (wrote one in autohotkey). makes the checking pretty simple.


follow on 'dumb' question if I can. to update the plugin. I'm assuming I can just copy the new plugin to the ..\JoplinProfile\plugins directory then disable/restart joplin/reenable the plugin?

(i'm using joplinportable on a windows machine)

Yes, just copying the plugin to that directory and restarting the app would work.

Perhaps it would also work if you go in the Plugins config screen and install it via the "Install Plugin" button?