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Check for Plugin Updates

It would be cool to have a setting to "Check for plugin updates" along with regular app updates. Currently I have to remember to update my plugins every now and then. Even if it just said "4 available" and linked to the Plugin page (don't need them to be automatically installed).


Not that I plan to do this, but this sounds like a perfect job for "another" plugin, don't you think ?

Yes, that would work too! :slight_smile:

How about we develop this plugin together ?
No prior knowledge needed, just motivation and persistence :mask:

I'd be up for that! I have lots of plugin ideas I'd like to make real, but I started one a while back and got stuck. This one at least has limited functionality :slight_smile:

How would you want to go about it? I could start a repo with the basic plugin framework code and see how far I get and send it to you for code review / or help when I get stuck? I could also document an approach before starting? Let me know if you have a different way you'd like to work on it.

I'd let you lead if you feel like it. You are probably ahead of me. So I start reading the API documentation of the coming 1...2... (3) days, and tell you about my progress, and you go ahead with the way you suggested above. I am sure I can catch up.
3 - 2 - 1 .... go ?

how can we best exchange ideas and code ? any idea ?

Sounds good. No hurry on getting through the documentation. It might be this weekend before I get too far along on this.

As for code and ideas, GitHub is likely easiest. I made a shell here joplin-check-for-updates-plugin/README.md at main · amandamcg/joplin-check-for-updates-plugin · GitHub I think since I made it public you can see it. I can also add you as a collaborator – DM me your username or request access.

Looking forward to it!

see "issues" on Github

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