Plugin: Time tracking with TimeTagger

The main idea of this plugin is to track time expended during the day.
In my case I take notes in every meeting and in focus time too, so with this plugin I will be able to report how much I expend in each project.


  • Reports (previous day/week)
  • Custom records name from some config in the note
    Suggestions are welcome!





Does it require a TimeTagger account to work? I think it'd be interesting if it was simply recording the time in a note, and then additionally syncing that to TimeTagger. I've been meaning to create such plugin actually but haven't had time yet.

Sounds like you need to start tracking

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  • Does it require a TimeTagger account to work? - I'm self hosting it, it's open source.
  • recording the time in a note: could be, but my time would be decentralized in notes (reporting and current status could be hard to get) and sync with other system (witch I need to track other stuff) brings conflicts and, in this case, non performant queries maybe. So I followed this path

Sounds like it!

For your usage, it definitely makes sense. What I have in mind is a plugin that would create for example one notebook per project, then inside notes with lists of start time/ end time to keep track of time for that project.

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